Helping Hands

Along the Way

My purpose in doing this work comes from my recognition of the need for help and support we all have from time to time in our lives.

Whether it comes from family, friends, coworkers, spiritual leaders, or therapists, the human condition is such that we are never truly alone in this world. We may be by ourselves and lonely at times when isolated from others and feeling forlorn. However, regardless of our beliefs, we as humans, are always connected in one way or another.

When disputes arise, as they inevitably will, we seek solutions that we hope will meet our needs as we perceive them at the time. When those needs are not adequately met, disputes can escalate into long-term conflicts.

The goal of this site is to engage with you and to share time together using the powerfully effective Speaking Circles model that has benefited so many others around the world. Applying this model to the process of mediation-based dispute resolution, your personal and professional relationships can become more satisfying for you and others.

My wish is to inform, educate, and encourage my audience in a way that will facilitate the telling of their stories in a thoughtful, engaging and compelling way. When we express our authentic selves in a manner that allows listeners to relate to us in new ways, disputes may dissolve before they become entrenched.

The opportunity is at hand for us all to lead the next generation, through example, into a world where all are seen, heard, and accepted for who they are and what they have to say.


“It’s not what we do that’s most important. It’s who we are, as we do it.

That’s what makes all the difference”

– Philip Blagg

Who Am I to Say?

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay area, at the base of Mt Diablo. Playing in the fields, orchards, and creeks in the East Bay was like paradise for me as a child. My dreams of travel and adventure were incubated there as I watched the trucks roll through town on Highway 21, or followed the fire trucks to watch the action at fires scenes in town or in the hills of the area.

My passions for trucking and the fire service were fulfilled in my adult working life, from the Bay Area, Nevada, Alaska, Antarctica, and along the highways across the nation.

Along the way I also pursued my passions regarding communication and conflict resolution through getting certified as a Speaking Circles Facilitator and as a Mediator. I will soon include certification in Critical Incident Stress Management as an offering to the individuals and communities I wish to serve.

In 2020 I retired from my working life, giving me opportunities to engage in this new life’s work of mine. “Un-retiring” in southern Oregon is one step in finding my place on the planet. A big step had been taken in 2011 through pursuing my interest in, and passion for, South America. Marriage with my exquisite Colombian wife ensued, and together we have built our “retirement” home in that magnificent country. I am amazed at my great good fortune of standing in, and enjoying the best of, both worlds I dreamed of in my youth.

Working, traveling, and living in such remote and diverse locations as I have, and engaging with people of various cultures, sharpened my perceptions and broadened my perspective. At this juncture in my life and at this challenging time across the planet, I am privileged to offer my services as a payback/pay-it-forward to those who have given me a hand along the path I have chosen.

Who am I to say I have the answers for you? I don’t say I do. I do say we may find new solutions for ourselves and for one another as we share our stories with passion and compassion. I offer my hand to you in paving the way to a better world for all of us.


Leading these Speaking Circles is my new calling, my purpose… In a way, I think I’ve been preparing for it my entire life.

– Philip Blagg


— Assisting others communicate authentically through the practice of Speaking Circles

— Reducing stress and conflict using the principles of mediation and interest based negotiation

— Improving personal and professional relationships through integrating the above practices

Everything you need to capture the hearts and minds of others is already inside you. [Phil] provides you with the structure and philosophy to inspire others with your presence.

Julie T