When we hold on to a particular position or belief too tightly, we can get burned. The ability to adjust our grasp of the world we inhabit together allows space for growth. Nurtured by the light of conscious choice, we may find new sprouts of evolving thoughts.

Examples of rigidity in nature reveal themselves in the broken branches of trees subjected to the wild winds of changing conditions or singed by passing fires. Still, the tree reaches for the light of the sun.

We have the opportunity to seek enlightenment in the hope of creating a better, more flexible culture of cooperative citizens. Individually or collectively, that is the best we may strive for as an inter-dependent group of humans on the earth at this time.

The overwhelming amount of information streaming into our minds is enough to burnout our neural circuits. Studies reveal our vulnerabilities regarding assimilating so much data. One default method of coping is to seek only that information which confirms what we already believe. We can do better.

Taking the time to breathe, to listen to that still, small voice within, and to open our mind to new ideas, is a balm we may apply before the fire of conflicting ideas is upon us.

We use this method in Speaking Circles. The first breathe, the stillness of silence before we speak (if we speak at all) followed with a closing breath at the end of our turn, is a process that is magical. What emerges is quite often a new revelation, a sprout of growth we may harvest the bounty of in myriad ways at a later time.

I invite you to engage in this powerful process. There are many Speaking Circles and Relational Presence Facilitators serving various audiences. You can find them (and me) on a Google search for Speaking Circles. I will add a link to them on this website soon. In the meantime, enjoy the coming summer sun wherever you are. I will be out of the country until mid-July. I will be available then to explore answers to any burning questions you may have.