Why do we feel such a strong attachment to certain beliefs? Why do we feel threatened by conflicting points of view? The need to feel safe and certain while remaining flexible and adapting our self to changing circumstances can seem overwhelming. Mastering a few practices can help you get a grip on the wheel of life as you navigate your way on the journey of your life.


Interest-based negotiation is predicated upon meeting our needs as we perceive them to be at any given time. Questioning your motives at a deeper level may reveal more profound understanding of why there is a conflict within yourself, or between you and others. Having this understanding prior to a formal dispute resolution process empowers you to have your needs met more fully, thereby achieving a more durable resolution, leading to more fulfilling relationships

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Dynamic Solutions

Disputes are a dynamic process occurring in myriad settings. Emotions may run high, rendering communication ineffective or dysfunctional. Learning how to defuse the situation using techniques which allow some space to breathe is crucial in moving beyond the stalemate of shouting at one another. Practice in Speaking Circles methods may be a vital step you can make on the road to new and dynamic solutions and improved relationships.

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Creating Conscious Consensus

Entering into an agreement, formal or informal, is an opportunity for all parties to consciously choose cooperation over confrontation. Entering the negotiation process with more in-depth understanding of the interests of all parties can expedite the process. With all stakeholders committed to the outcome, it is vital each person is fully seen and heard. Vulnerability is a barrier which may be overcome as individuals are acknowledged and appreciated for who they are and what they say. Authentic communication paves the way on the road to new solutions. We may have started from diverse points of view, but we may find the way to merge our ideas as we travel that road together.

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