It may be difficult to understand why others believe what they do when it challenges your own system of beliefs. The stories we hear and tell ourselves and each other can be disorienting for those who live very different lives. Learning how to expand your vision can enrich your life and the lives of others.

Where I am Coming From

My intention for this website and the work I do has transformed significantly in the past few years. My life story is filled with unique work and travels, but this is my life's work now. Events in my family history, my childhood, and personal relationships have paved...

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A Spring Renewal in the   Autumn of Life

A Spring Renewal in the Autumn of Life

Much has been said about our "golden years" in the autumn of our lives. I choose to recognize the vibrant green of spring that is offering me the renewal of turning over a new leaf. Finding the "green" of prosperity, not just in economic terms for myself, but in a...

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